Drugs Offences

The law governing drugs offences is largely informed by the Misuse of Drugs Act 1971. Drugs offences can range from simple possession of a Class C controlled substance, to a multi-million-pound drugs conspiracy. Those charged with major drugs offences are invariably accused of being involved in a conspiracy with others to supply, produce or import controlled drugs.

At Eldwick Law, we represent individuals charged with possession, production, distribution and importation of all classes of controlled drugs and articles. We have a formidable record of defending people charged with the most complex and serious drugs offences.

Our knowledge of – and association with – relevant experts in the fields of telephone attribution, cell-site analysis, ‘ghost phones’, co-location, fingerprinting, connection record charting, and drugs and toxicology, sets us apart from other legal firms and enables us to offer tailored and innovative solutions to our client base.