Extradition & Mutual Legal Assistance

Extradition is a complex legal process, governed by the Extradition Act 2003, in which one country can ask another country to arrest and extradite a person so that they can stand trial or serve a custodial sentence in the requesting country. At Eldwick Law, our team is experienced in advising clients in relation to serious/complex crimes resulting in Extradition/Mutual Legal Assistance requests made to the UK from both Category 1 and Category 2 territories. Based on our extensive experience in this area, we can represent you from the moment of arrest, through any court hearing that may follow, and finally to any appeal proceedings that may be appropriate.

Mutual Legal Assistance (MLA)

MLA is used by countries to request assistance from, and provide assistance to, other countries in order to obtain information for a criminal investigation or proceedings formalised through a Letter of Request. This is an area that often involves complex cross-border and multi-jurisdictional issues. It is important that you obtain legal advice on the likelihood of extradition, and understand your rights and the best options available to you in engaging with the authorities.

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