Sexual Grooming

An adult can be accused of sexual grooming if they have met with, or entered into communication with, any child under the age of 16. This communication can take place in person or via another mode such as the internet, or by way of a phone call or even through exchanging text messages. The accusation can still be made even in cases where the conversation between the individuals was not of a sexual nature.

Moreover, if a face to face encounter takes place with the objective of sexual activity in mind, then there is the possibility for charges of sexual activity with a minor, or rape, to be made against the adult.

Prosecutions for sexual grooming have become more common and often carry a deep political slant. Our team at Eldwick Law have acted in the following grooming cases: Oxford Grooming Gang, Rochdale Grooming Gang, Aylesbury Grooming Gang and Huddersfield Grooming Gang, as well as many more.

If you are facing allegations of sexual grooming, it is imperative that you are able to liaise with, and confide in, a trustworthy, skilled and adept solicitor who can provide you with the relevant information in an honest and open manner.

We are able to guide you through each step of the process and provide access to leading experts and counsel in the field, to secure the best possible outcome for you.