At Eldwick Law, our team is experienced in helping clients navigate through contentious construction disputes. Often, the time and costs involved in construction projects can inevitably result in delays or disputes. When these types of issues arise, we understand that that our clients want these matters to be dealt with swiftly and with the best outcome possible, which can include still maintaining a relationship between the parties. In these circumstances, Adjudication is a viable option to consider, and is appropriate for resolving claims relating to defects, delays, or disruptions of work, extensions of time for completing the work, or interim payments for example.

Adjudication enables parties to resolve construction contract disputes in a faster, more cost-effective manner when compared to arbitration or litigation. Indeed, the Adjudicator normally publishes their Decision within 28 days, unless the parties agree to extend this period. The Decision is binding until the dispute is determined through litigation, arbitration or agreement between the parties.

We understand that in these situations, legal costs can be an additional concern for you or your business. To give you peace of mind, we can either agree a time-costs fee or a fixed-fee in certain circumstances. We also work closely with our clients’ in-house teams where necessary, which has the added benefit of reducing costs.