Franchising is a big market in the UK. With the number of franchised owned businesses on the rise, this makes it likely that at some point during the franchisor/franchisee relationship there may be a dispute between the parties due to, for example, the inflexibility of terms, lack of independence, failing to reach key targets, or impacting the brand/reputation of the franchise.

We can assist your franchise business with the following:-

  • Drafting and reviewing Franchise Agreements;
  • Advising prospective franchisees on the terms of the Franchise Agreement;
  • Advising on when the Franchise Agreement has been breached and the options available to you;
  • Advising on and preparing claims of negligent/fraudulent misrepresentation;
  • Preparing injunctions;
  • Exiting Franchise Agreements prior to the expiry of the term;
  • Resolving complex franchise disputes;
  • Providing insolvency advice in circumstances where the franchisor/franchisee can no longer viably trade.

Our experienced solicitors have extensive experience in dealing with franchisor/franchisee disputes and will provide you with practical and commercial advice in order to help you reach a resolution.