Partnership Disputes

At Eldwick Law, we are experts in assisting and advising traditional partnerships, members, LLPs and partners in resolving their disputes. We understand that such disputes can be costly, time-consuming and ultimately damaging to the businesses involved. So, our aim is to help clients resolve these disputes without resorting to litigation.

With our help, Alternative Dispute Resolution can enable those involved to enter into structured mediation, which can avoid the need to become embroiled in costly litigation. In some circumstances, of course, a case cannot be resolved this way, so we will be ready to go into court or an arbitration.

Our areas of expertise include:

• Good faith issues;
• Expulsions and compulsory retirements;
• Dissolutions;
• Garden leave provisions;
• Restrictive covenants;
• Forced retirements;
• Breach of “good leaver” and “bad leaver” provisions.

If you find yourself in a position where you have become embroiled in a dispute with your fellow partner(s) – contact our expert solicitors for advice.