Legal Insights: A Recap of the English Law Week in Central Asia

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English law week 2023

The English Law Week in Central Asia, running from September 15th to 21st, brought together law professionals and students in a unique event spanning Tashkent, Almaty, and Astana.

The event marked a significant moment of sharing and exploring various aspects of English law and its intersection with Central Asian legal contexts.

Here is an overview of the event:

Kick-off in Tashkent

The week started at Westminster International University in Tashkent, focusing on sanctions, particularly looking at recent changes and challenges.

In-depth discussions moderated by Gani Abaidildinov on international disputes and arbitral awards provided a solid foundation for understanding and navigating the complexities of legal frameworks in international contexts.

International arbitration was another key focus of the the event, with Rashid Gaissin moderating the conversation.

In-Depth Discussions in Almaty

Moving to De Montfort University in Almaty, the dialogues shifted towards exploring shareholder and corporate governance disputes under English and AIFC law.

The sessions offered a unique blend of theoretical knowledge and practical insights, especially regarding unfair prejudice petitions in Kazakhstan, creating a robust learning environment.

During the event, Rashid Gaissin, partner at Eldwick Law, facilitated the discussion on the complex terrains of cross-border legal frameworks and asset management.

Wrapping Up in Astana

The final leg at Wyndham Garden Astana delved into commercial contracts and cross-border insolvency in Kazakhstan, moderated once again by Eldwick Law.

These sessions not only provided clarity on the subjects but also opened avenues for future discussions and collaborations among the participants.

English Law Week - Astana

English Law Week – Astana

Connecting Traditions and Modernity

English Law Week successfully blended traditional legal principles with modern challenges and approaches.

The engaging discussions between English delegates and local participants, especially local private practices and in-house lawyers, laid the foundation for future international legal collaborations and knowledge exchange.

The event has sewn seeds for future dialogues and collaborations in the legal domain.

The shared discussions and forged connections promise a future of shared knowledge and collaborative efforts among the legal communities of England and Central Asia.


As we reflect on the event, the knowledge shared, connections made, and discussions had, promise a bright future of collaboration and understanding across borders.

Rashid Gaissin, Chairman of the British-Kazakh Law Association and partner at Eldwick Law, took a moment to reflect on the success of the event, embodying a valuable exchange of legal knowledge between the UK and Central Asia.

The week’s triumph has further ignited the association’s commitment to fostering dialogues and connections among the legal communities of Central Asia and the UK.

With an optimistic gaze towards the future, Gaissin revealed exciting plans for the upcoming Kazakh Law Day, scheduled to be held in London in early 2024. This event, much like the English Law Week, promises to be a compelling platform where legal minds converge, explore, and collaborate, continuing the spirit of international legal exchange and cooperation.

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