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At Eldwick Law, we specialise in providing comprehensive legal guidance in the complex area of sanctions designation and de-listing.

Our team of solicitors is well-versed in both UK and international law, offering tailored support to individuals, organisations, and businesses dealing with international sanctions.

Understanding Sanctions Designation and De-Listing

What Are Sanctions Designation and De-Listing?

Sanctions Designation is the legal process of imposing restrictions on entities (individuals, companies, or countries) due to various reasons such as involvement in illegal activities or violations of international law. These sanctions can include asset freezes, travel bans, and trade restrictions.

De-Listing, conversely, involves removing these sanctions. This may occur due to a change in the entity’s conduct, successful legal appeals, or shifts in international policies.

The Impact of Sanctions on Businesses and Individuals

Sanctions can have profound implications on the financial, operational, and reputational aspects of businesses and individuals. They restrict access to global markets, disrupt financial transactions, and can lead to significant legal complications.

Consequences of failing to comply with Sanctions

Any person who contravenes these prohibitions commits an offence.  Under section 146(1) and (1A) of the Policing and Crime Act 2017, the Treasury has the power to impose a monetary penalty on the offender.  It is a strict liability offence because there is no requirement that the offender must have known or suspected that the was in breach of the prohibition.

OFSI publish a list of penalties imposed, which can also include monetary penalties of either 50% of the value of any given transaction, or a fine of up to £1 million.  A link to OFSI’s published penalties can be found here

The UK courts have handed down several judgments on the meaning of SAMLA and the Russia Regulations, which you can read about on our News page.

Eldwick Law’s Expertise

International and UK Legal Guidance On Sanctions Laws

Our team provides legal advice on both the imposition and lifting of sanctions.

We offer:

  • Comprehensive Assessment: Evaluating the impact of sanctions on your business or personal affairs.
  • Strategic Advice: Understanding sanctions law to formulate effective strategies.
  • Representation: Advocating on your behalf in legal proceedings related to sanctions.

Our expertise extends across both UK-specific and broader international sanctions regulations.

Support in De-Listing Procedures

If you or your business is facing sanctions, we can assist in the de-listing process. This includes:

  • Legal Representation: Making representations to relevant authorities for the removal of sanctions.
  • Compliance Advisory: Ensuring your future activities remain compliant with sanctions law to prevent re-listing.

Preventative Advice and Compliance

We also offer preventative advice to help businesses and individuals avoid potential sanctions. Our services include compliance audits and ongoing legal counsel related to the complex area of international trade.

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