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Credit card fraud solicitors specialise in handling cases where someone unlawfully uses another’s credit card details for unauthorised purchases.

Our tem tackles situations involving lost or stolen cards, card cloning, identity theft for obtaining new cards, or setting up fake online shops.

The nature of credit card fraud requires tracking by UK police, including tracing transaction trails and using mobile phone tower evidence.

Given these complexities, securing a solicitor with expertise in credit card fraud is vital.

Eldwick Law has a dedicated team of fraud solicitors ready to assist.

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Credit Card Fraud Definition

Credit card fraud is a type of identity theft, where an individual uses someone else’s credit card or account to make unauthorized purchases.

This can include using lost or stolen credit cards, cloning credit cards, using stolen identities to obtain credit cards, or cloning and creating false merchant sites.

Credit card fraud is fast and highly complex. The police in the UK can trail money through varied transactions or other data such as cell-site analysis as evidence.

Expert representation for this type of fraud is paramount. Our experienced team of fraud lawyers have the expertise to give you the guidance and support you need if you have been convicted of this type of fraud.

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