False Accounting


False accounting is the dishonest destroying or altering of accounts records with a view to making a gain or causing a loss to another, covered under the Theft Act 1968.

Examples of false accounting can include:

  • Altering a companies share price Hiding losses
  • Reporting false profits
  • Manipulating accounts to evade tax liability
  • Altering accounts to obtain performance bonuses
  • Altering accounts to hide criminal activity such as theft

False accounting can be very complex and involves a thorough examination of the account records. It can carry a custodial sentence if a conviction is obtained.

Allegations of false accounting must be met with a strong defence and it is vital to get early legal representation. Eldwick Law have a team of expert lawyers who can assist in defending false accounting fraud and have experience in dealing with HM Revenue and Customs, Financial Conduct Authority, Crown Prosecution Service and Serious Fraud Office.

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