Fraudulent Investment Schemes


This type of fraud promises high rates of return with little risk to investors, also known as ‘Ponzi schemes’. These shares or products are often fabricated and the fraudsters will take the investor’s money and keep it for themselves, rather than investing in it. In most cases investors are repaid with their own cash or money invested by others in good faith.

Types of fraudulent investment schemes include:

  • Share sales
  • Wine investments
  • Land banking
  • Pension liberation schemes

All investment schemes are regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority who are aware of the firms offering legitimate investments to the public. All regulated investments must comply with The Financial Services and Markets Act 2000.

Penalties for this type of fraud are extremely serious and can include substantial fines and lengthy custodial sentences, so it is important to obtain legal representation early. At Eldwick Law we pride ourselves on offering a clear and practical approach, whilst offering you support and guidance throughout the process.

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