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Insurance Fraud


Insurance fraud is where a false insurance claim is submitted with the intent to fraudulently obtain payment from an insurer. This could be by falsifying facts to obtain payments or exaggerating existing claims.

For example, for personal injury claims, claiming for an item that was not lost or stolen, exaggerating or staging car accidents, phantom passenger claims, intentionally damaging property or items to claim on insurance or failing to disclose material facts during the application process to lower the insurance premium.

It has been estimated that insurance fraud costs the industry nearly £1 billion per year, so those facing these allegations will face a robust investigation from specialist prosecution authorities.

If you are being investigated for insurance fraud, the insurance company is likely to instruct a fraud investigator who will collect evidence about your claim such as audio and video reports, expert reports and photographic evidence. Their goal is to prevent the insurance company from paying out your insurance money.

Insurance fraud is a highly specialised area of law and penalties are very severe, including lengthy custodial sentences and substantial fines. Other consequences of committing insurance fraud can include the affect on your future job prospects, or your ability to obtain insurance in the future. It is therefore essential that you have access to specialists to help with your case.

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