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Shareholder Dispute Solicitors


Our specialist team of shareholder dispute solicitors is experienced in acting for shareholders in commercial disputes and has acted on a variety of complex, high profile cases.

We are proud of the open and honest advice we provide to shareholders to resolve disputes as quickly as possible and to limit financial and reputational damage to their business.

Whether you are a majority shareholder or even an interested party, you should become aware of your legal rights to properly assess the strengths and weaknesses of your position with one of our shareholder dispute solicitors.

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Resolving Disputes with Shareholder Dispute Solicitors

“As Shareholder Dispute Solicitors, we specialise in resolving shareholder conflicts through advice, negotiation, and litigation, protecting our clients’ rights and interests within the company.”


Our primary goal is to resolve disputes outside of court. This approach often leads to quicker, less costly resolutions, benefiting all parties involved.

If parties can reach a mediated solution, potential actions could include the continuing shareholders buying out, the company purchasing shares, shareholders receiving the company through demergers, or the acquisition of a new holding company, which may involve a share exchange for shareholders.


If litigation becomes necessary, we are fully prepared to represent your interests in court.

Our shareholder dispute lawyers are skilled in managing the different actions available to shareholders during disputes:

  • Unfair prejudice petitions, when other shareholders buy out the shareholder that has suffered the unfair prejudice;
  • Derivative action, where the director(s) are in breach of his/her duties;
  • Winding up of the company;
  • Breach of directors’ duties;
  • Underperforming directors or shareholders;
  • Section 944 petitions; and
  • Salary disputes.
  • D&O Insurance 

If you are facing exclusion from the day-to-day management of the business, failing to receive entitled dividends or profit, or believe that your fellow shareholders are working against your interests, you may have the right to seek redress under the Companies Act 2006.

Eldwick Law’s Shareholder Dispute Solicitors Approach


We believe in keeping our clients informed and involved throughout the legal process, ensuring clear, jargon-free communication.

Tailored Legal Strategies

We are a boutique law firm and we tailor our legal strategies to meet the specific needs of each client.

Protecting Your Interests

Our team works to protect your interests and ensure the least possible disruption to your business and personal life.

What Are Your Rights in a Shareholder Dispute?

We advise on majority and minority shareholder rights.. Our team of shareholder dispute lawyers will help you comprehend the legalities of your position in the company.

We evaluate each case carefully, discussing the strengths and weaknesses to form a robust legal strategy.

If you have been involved in a shareholder dispute, contact our expert solicitors for advice.

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